Purchasing Land Bank Properties

Purchase Process

To submit an offer to purchase a property from the Land Bank, please complete and submit the following documents:

Mail completed Contract, Application and Compliance form to:
Wayne County Regional Land Bank, 16 William St., Lyons, NY 14489

Conditions of Sale

Potential buyers should be aware and agree to the following terms and conditions related to property purchase of Land Bank properties.

Below is a brief explanation of certain terms of the Land Bank’s contract to purchase and sales process.

This list does not contain all terms and conditions contained in the Purchase Contract. Accordingly, please carefully review the purchase documents. Information on this website should not be relied on as legal advice. The Land Bank strongly recommends that potential buyers consult with their attorney and have them review the purchase documents prior to submission.

  • Strong preference will be given by the Land Bank to applications for purchase from residents of Wayne County
  • Application for purchase is open to anyone in a contiguous county (Ontario, Wayne, Cayuga, Tompkins, Schuyler, Yates) with a viable property management plan included with the Purchase Application
  • The Land Bank, as part of its’ sale process, will consult with the Town or Village to discuss the buyer’s intended use of the property to assure it falls within their plans and/or vision for their community
  • Applicants for purchase:
  • Must not owe back taxes, fines or fees to Wayne County or any Town or Village in Wayne County
  • Must not have a history of tax foreclosure in Wayne County
  • Must not have outstanding code violations in Wayne County
  • Must not have a history of repeated code violations in Wayne County
  • The applicant for purchase, or any spouse, parent, sibling or child of the applicant, must not have possessed an interest in the property for which the applicant is applying to purchase at the time such property was foreclosed upon by Wayne County for tax delinquency.
  • All Land Bank properties are sold “As-Is” and no warranties or representations are made regarding property condition. It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect the property and schedule walk-through prior to closing.
  • All property purchased from the Land Bank will be required to meet the appropriate requirements of Town or Village Code Enforcement within a certain time period from purchase.
  • The Land Bank will likely identify work that needs to be completed prior to a buyer obtaining clear title to the property. The Land Bank may place an Enforcement Mortgage on the property listing the required repairs and upgrades that are necessary to the property. On a residential or commercial structure, the minimum requirement will include having the buyer make sufficient repairs necessary to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy from the local Code Enforcement Official. The Enforcement Mortgage will only be removed after the buyer has met the conditions agreed to by the buyer and the Land Bank. Failure to complete the agreed upon work within the agreed upon time may lead to the Land Bank foreclosing on the property.
  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to contact the Town or Village before closing to verify their planned use of the property and current/planned configuration is legal and/or determine the necessary permit(s) to be obtained for renovation and/or property use.
  • There are certain additional closing costs associated with the purchase of a land bank property that will be paid by the buyer. These include, but are not limited to:
    • Buyer/Seller Attorney fees
    • Title Searches
    • Title insurance surveys
    • Home inspections or other Real Estate Testing
    • Transfer Tax
  • If the Purchase Application is provisionally accepted by the Land Bank, the potential buyer may be required to obtain written quotes for any and all renovations that will be done by a licensed third party. The Land Bank will check proof of funds to complete the project before signing the Purchase Contract.
  • Land Bank properties are currently exempt from property taxes. Property will become taxable on the date of property transfer. The buyer will be responsible for pro-rated taxes for the remainder of the current tax year, from the date of property transfer.
  • The potential buyer should carefully read the application and contract and understand that an incomplete application may be rejected.
  • Other restrictions may apply as outlined in the Disposition Policy

Property Inventory

Street Town Village Tax ID Assessed 100% Market Value Status/Comment Year Obtained
201 Church St. Arcadia Newark 68110-06-426972  $25,000 Commercial Building- Demolition Required 2023
246 E. Miller St. Arcadia Newark 68111-18-497030  $53,200 Residential-Had Fire-Condemned- Demolition Required 2024
315 East Myrtle Ave Arcadia Newark 68110-07-537896  $20,000 Residential- Demolition Required 2023
712 South Main St. Arcadia Newark 68110-06-334770  $50,000 Residential- Rehabilitation Required 2024
1216 North Main St Arcadia Newark 68111-10-330615  $15,600 Vacant Lot 2022
1864 Welcher Rd. Arcadia 68112-20-910134  $12,000 Residential- Demolition of Manufactured Home Required 2023
2293 Norsen Rd. Arcadia 69112-00-153676  $25,000 Residential 2023
7194 Old Lyons Rd. Arcadia 69111-00-834908  $34,300 Vacant Lot- Requires clean-up of any debris on property 2024
13032 South Butler Rd Butler 77114-17-115099  $5,600 Vacant Lot 2022
19 Columbia St. Galen Clyde 74112-14-338351  $24,000 Commercial- Holding- Demolition to be Completed by Land Bank 2023
24 Cayuga St Galen Clyde 74112-18-406194  $11,100 Vacant Lot 2019
45 E. Genesee St. Galen Clyde 74112-14-432343  $15,000 Commercial-Demolition Required- Potential for Environmental Review and Cleanup 2023
2996 Rt 414 N Galen 74113-00-407537  $15,100 Vacant Lot - Sale Pending 2019
9001 Old Route 31 Galen 72112-00-059140  $37,900 Residential- Demolition Required 2023
Mill St Galen Clyde 74112-18-307171  $2,800 Vacant Land 2022
11371 Ridge Rd Huron 75117-00-048542  $65,000 Sale Pending - Environmental Remediation in Progress 2021
11627 Ridge Rd. Huron 75117-00-368547  $18,000 2024
Lummisville Rd. Huron 75117-00-401610  $45,000 2024
Ridge Rd. Huron 75117-00-378549  $3,300 2024
1 Clyde Rd. Lyons 71111-09-180652  $286,500 Holding- Included in Lyons Redevelopment Project 2024
22 Shuler St. Lyons 71111-13-138483  $25,000 Residential- Holding for Possible Land Bank Rehabilitation 2023
42 Canal St Lyons 71111-09-136667  $20,000 Holding - Included in Town of Lyons Restore NY Redevelopment project. 2022
46 Canal St Lyons 71111-09-138667  $28,000 Holding - Included in Town of Lyons Restore NY Redevelopment project. 2021
50 Canal St Lyons 71111-09-141667  $1,100 Holding - Included in Town of Lyons Restore NY Redevelopment project. 2021
58-66 Canal St Lyons 71111-09-157668  $95,000 Holding - Included in Town of Lyons Restore NY Redevelopment project. 2021
2529 Middle Sodus Rd. Lyons 70112-00-994964  $52,100 Residential 2023
17 Rice St Lyons 71111-05-076883  $3,200 Vacant Lot 2021
Elmer St Lyons 71111-13-166452  $11,600 Holding for Future Development- Vacant Lot - Development proposal process to be released soon 2019
42 Elmer St Lyons 71111-13-185449  $8,600 Holding for Future Development- Vacant Lot - Development proposal process to be released soon 2018
7633 Bauer Vanwickle Rd. Lyons 70112-00-379240  $78,700 Residential- Extremely poor condition- Demolition or Rehabilitation Required 2024
1071 Route 31 Macedon 62111-00-212778  $279,300  Sale Pending - Manufacturing/Industrial/Office - 37,000 sf 2021
1662 Walker Rd Palmyra 65111-05-091888  $8,800 Vacant Lot 2018
5066 Gray St Rose 73116-20-806138  $8,000 Vacant Lot 2019
5023 Gray St Rose 73116-20-793081  $9,500 Vacant Lot 2021
Railroad Ave Rose 73116-20-852066  $1,000 Holding - Vacant Lot 2021
4011 Main St Rose 74114-05-157817  $54,500 Holding -  Single Family Residence - Pending Environmental and Structural 2022
1840 No. 39 Rd. Savannah 78112-00-100107  $50,000 Residential-Had Fire-Condemned- Demolition Required 2024
1438 Van Dyne Spoor Rd. Savannah 77111-00-679599  $19,000 Residential- Demolition Required 2024
2465 Bixby-Wood Rd. Savannah 77112-00-229710  $8,400 Vacant Lot 2022
5 West Main St Sodus Sodus 69117-06-272938  $10,000 Holding for Future Development- Vacant Lot - Development proposal process to be released soon 2021
61 Mill St. Sodus Sodus 69117-06-282766  $50,700 Residential- Demolition Required 2024
6557 Rt. 88 Sodus 68117-00-994966  $52,000 Commercial-Gas Station-Holding Pending Environmental Review 2024
7328 Burlee Rd. Sodus 69117-00-973503  $18,000 Manufactured Housing- Requirements forthcoming pending inspection 2024
8561 Ridge Rd East Sodus 71117-19-522046  $10,800 Vacant Lot 2018
195 Main St W Sodus Sodus 69117-05-004962  $60,000 Holding - Parking Lot/Former Dairy/Fuel Tanks - Pending Environmental Review 2022
8106 Margaretta Rd Sodus Sodus Point 70118-08-944888  $24,100 Holding - Vacant Lot - Environmental Review and Cleanup in Process 2019
6472 East Townline Rd. Williamson 67117-05-087893  $46,600 Residential- Demolition Required 2023
6478 East Townline Rd Williamson 67117-05-088902  $25,800 Holding - Vacant Lot - Completing demolition of adjacent property 2019
6500 Lake Ave Williamson 65117-08-962930  $70,000 Commercial- Demolition Required- Potential for Environmental Review and Cleanup 2023
6020 Auburn St. Wolcott 76117-13-025339  $48,900 Residential- Demolition Required 2024
6985 Wadsworth Rd Wolcott 76118-00-343528  $10,900 Vacant Lot 2022
7964 Broadway Wolcott 76119-00-732759  $11,500 Vacant Lot 2022
8250 Broadway Wolcott 76120-00-725114  $14,600 Vacant Lot 2022